Chocolate Ganache
Ganache might sound all fancy and scary, but it is actually really easy. Chocolate and cream come together to make the best chocolate frosting on the planet.
  1. heat up the cream until warm, but not bubbling.
  2. remove cream from the heat and add in chocolate. Stir constantly until chocolate is melted and combined with cream. (I will sometimes leave the cream on the stove with low heat to start melting the chocolate. The danger is overheating the cream.
  3. Enjoy on your favorite dessert. Or just grab a spoon. No judgement here at all.
Recipe Notes

This can also be prepared in the microwave using short bursts of about 30 secs.  If heating in the microwave using a microwave safe dish, combine cream and chocolate together.  Stir in between and repeat until cream and chocolate is combined.  And now that you have the basics down you can get creative by mixing up the type or flavor of chips you use.  I love substituting 1/2 the chips for butterscotch.  

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