My bon COOK Story

My bon COOK Story

I started my bon COOK story (Demarle at Home at the time) like over 80% of people that join direct sales. It was simply an opportunity to get a huge discount on product and score some free product in the meantime. There was never any intention of actually starting a business. I just fell in love with the product. Which made me want to get as much product as I could for as cheap as I could. That was it. That was the real goal. So basically no matter what your current goal is chances are there’s someone else right there with you.  Which means you’ll always have good company besides me.

bon COOK private cooking classes with Gardening Foodies Oakdale Connecticut
Always love learning and enjoy passing it on to others. Learn to cook the easy way.

Home Party

Just a little invitation to a party at a friends house. How many of us have gotten one of those right? I hadn’t seen that group in a while and there’s always great food. So I decided to go and hang out. I had no intentions of buying anything.

Let’s be honest I had never even heard of it and had no clue where I was at budget wise. (PS yes I’m that person, but guess what? It’s perfectly fine to go and not buy anything. The parties are supposed to be about having fun. If it just happens to fit into your life then great otherwise enjoy the fun and hanging out with friends.)

Well the food was amazing, company great and this time even though I had no idea what I was looking at I was smitten. I wanted to bring the whole Catalog home.

Welcome to bon COOK


Opportunity comes in lots of different forms. For some it’s actually starting a business. I mean direct sales offers the lowest risk, lowest overhead way to start a business or side gig. It’s the opportunity to have a flexible second job.  The opportunity to get out of the house or to meet new people. For others (myself included) it’s the opportunity to score a great discount on product you already are buying (or want to). The opportunity could be to literally bring something into your budget that might otherwise be out of it.  (PS you could also accomplish this by hosting for less long term commitment).

It can also be s great way to learn new skills or just learn to put yourself out there. Best part, there’s no right or wrong answer. Even better? The chance to change what you want out of it. Oh and if you “fail” it’s low risk, but failure here is really up for debate. What I didn’t realize was that it really wan an opportunity to take control of our food and food budget.  Which opportunity will you take?

Joining the bon COOK Story

Full disclaimer I’m a numbers person. You can totally blame the accountant (former bookkeeper and CPA) in me.  I was so in love with what I saw I wanted to bring it home. Well to get a few basic pieces I wanted to play with was just under $100, and most of it did come with a life time warranty. Problem was I could totally see myself wanting even more assuming it worked the way it appeared. Trust me it exceeded every goal and crazy expectation I’ve had. The other option was to join for the same $100, get twice the product, a discount, plus an opportunity to score even more free product by having a few classes myself.

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There were three of us exploring the joining option for various reasons. Oh boy did the three of us grill her. Didn’t do anything that night as I had no clue where I was budget wise, but I totally wanted everything. Hint if you’re ever thinking you really want the whole catalog it’s way more effective to join doesn’t generally matter which company.

Best Deal on bon COOK

Well  join I did! It really was the cheapest way to go. Little did I know that it would actually end up free! While results will vary depending on a lot I literally got paid to bring an awesome product into my house.

bon COOK with Gardening Foodies Oakdale Connecticut
Join our community of home cooks where you can learn to cook through private in home cooking classes. Cooking doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming.

I got some office supplies to keep things organized, some labels (cause let’s face it my handwriting sucks), perfect excuse for a new pretty notebook, and that was about it.  Then I obviously spent the money for the kit (which the product value was over double what I spent, never mind the office supplies that came with it).  Last but not least I purchased a mini muffin tray which was part of another kit I was eyeing, but not part of the business kit.

Then I totally got lucky.  Sometimes there are drawings for new consultants (there still are sometimes, or extra bonuses that current consultants will know about). I totally scored a $100 towards product.  My official launch class was small, but I still got paid, plus scored the sunflower mold as the Chair (hostess).  Then between the commission I got on a few more starter classes I completely recouped everything I had spent to start.  First goal accomplished.  And . . .  the icing on the cake was that I also scored the starter bonuses I really wanted.  Second goal of get as much product as I could for free, totally nailed it.

Making new friends

Now I will admit I never actually thought about the new people I would meet through this.  Never actually considered the hosts and guests that I would get to know and grow closer with.  I’m an introvert.  I had to force myself to do public speaking even young so that I could get up and do it.  So with that training I’m not too too bad when I’m in front of crowds.  However, put me in a small group or one on one and I’d rather run for the hills.  Even now, so somethings never seem to change.

BUT, I have had the pleasure of meeting some incredible people.  People I never would have met otherwise.  I’m still in contact with them even if our paths have changed and gone separate ways from a business perspective they’re still friends.  So I ended up with another huge benefit that I never even considered when I singed up.

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Changing Goals

The ability to change your mind or direction is probably one of the best things about direct sales.  No matter where you start you can easily change directions.  How? Well Change what you’re doing.  You can easily just start working it more to build momentum.  Running hot and want to slow down, or run into some life situations? Guess what, all you have to do is start booking on selected dates only.

No one is going to yell at you.  At least they shouldn’t anyway.  This is your show and it should mold right into the place you decide it has in your life.  It’s cool to have a tool in your back pocket too that can easily be dusted off and used for financial benefit if you find yourself suddenly needing some extra income.  So take it for what you will, but I don’t regret a single thing.  Okay well maybe not taking it seriously in the beginning, but that’s another story for another day.  It’s changed with our life and that’s probably the best benefit of all.

I’ve learned a ton and had huge benefits in my personal life.  Now I’m ready to share it with everyone and help them achieve their goals.  Whether that’s creating a side project or simply enjoying the benefits of the product and being able to eat better.

bon COOK with Gardening Foodies Oakdale Connecticut
Just some family fun while camping

You can do it

Whether your curious about a side project or more interested in the food side of things.  There is a benefit there to be had.  What works for one won’t necessarily work for another, but that’s the beauty of having teams.  There’s plenty of places to bounce ideas off of.  I love taking the best from the best and molding it into my life.  You’re never alone unless you choose to be, but where would you be without friends.

I’m forever in awe I’ve what I’ve managed to accomplish in my kitchen since finding bon COOK. It truly did become a HUGE catapult down the path of cooking more from scratch for us.  The best part though? Really is also seeing the transformation in others.  It never gets old hearing “where has this been? ! ? !And why did I not know about it? ! ? !”  We’ll have to see where my bon COOK story takes me now, but one thing is for sure.  There’s never a dull moment and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

bon COOK with Gardening Foodies Oakdale, Conneticut Learning to Cook at Home
Just some of the fun things I’ve made with bon COOK. Easy Cooking for Everyday Use.

Come join us in our community to hang out, get some great recipes, and a few gardening tips (if that’s your thing), along with lots of other tips and tricks.


P.S. If your curious about where on the journey might be for you? Head over here to get some info.  I’d love to chat.




My bon COOK Story

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