Meal planning ideas – pork

Meal planning ideas – pork

How many times do you think “I have no idea what to do for dinner?” Things can get boring very quickly. Even with the best laid plans you still might look at it and shrug your shoulders. Been doing that lately ourselves. For me it’s literally just I’m kinda sick of cooking. Getting three meals on the table 7 days a week can get old. You just get in a funk for whatever reason. Now to brain storm so we can all get out of our funk. Let’s talk Pork shall we.

When we get in a dinner rut I try to change things up and try some new recipes, pass the reins for a couple nights and or just plain get a break (way easier said than done I know).  As a benefit to both you and I, I’m working on a list of nothing but Pork dinners.  I think it will be fun to see this list grow over time and how the rest of the lists grow as well.  I started this in my meal notebook, but thought I would share here for everyone.  Extra bonus is now I’ll have this available on the go as well.

Meal Ideas

This post is just as much for all of you as it is for me to be honest. Why? Because it’s hard to remember everything that you can make. Sometimes you just need to read through things to get reinspired. I won’t lie Pinterest in my best friend when it comes to new ideas. However, not all are keepers for us.

With food being so personal one person’s favorites will be gross to someone else and that’s okay. For better or worst this post will be an ever evolving work in progress of all our favorites and go to’s for Pork. Eventually I’ll hope to have a recipe to link every one of them, but in the meantime use this as inspiration for your own benefit or use it for ideas to hop over to Pinterest to try your hand.

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Meal Planning

Did you know that if you come up with a handful of go to recipes to keep in your back pocket you actually can get a great variety of recipes and not end up eating the same thing over and over again?

We split our meals up by main dish which means we have each dish (even our favorites) only about a half dozen times a year. Maybe a little more for our real favorites that are also great for picnics. But you get the idea. Besides the actual act of cooking it’s difficult to get into a rut this way unless you’re on a cooking strike which is another story. So let’s see what we have shall we?

We’re actually kinda boring here.  Not that we don’t like pork, I think I just don’t have a whole lot of options yet.  Or frankly have never really dived into their arena.  Working on expanding this list so if you’ve got some favorites feel free to share.  We so need to grow this list.

Pork Dinner Ideas

  1. Ribs

    Easy homemade ribs without the mess
    Homemade Ribs without the mess to clean up.

  2. Marinated chops
  3. Homemade shake n bake pork  chops

    Homemade shake n bake pork chops
    Love how easy it was to make a homemade version of our favorite shake n bake.

  4. porkchetta
  5. Kielbasa (although we’ve been getting beef lately)
  6. Hotdogs
  7. corn dogs
  8. Brauts
  9. Ham steaks
  10. pork loin (usually in the crockpot)
  11. sausage peppers and onions (over pasta or on rolls)
  12. pulled pork

    Crock pot Pulled Pork
    Love pulled pork from the crock pot.

  13. Sweet n sour pork
  14. Italian sausage patty melts
  15. Pork n sauce

Want some more ideas? Check out some of our other meal ideas below or Check out our community.






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Meal planning ideas - pork

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