Brownie Bites

Brownie Bites

Brownie bites, something so simple, yet so delicious. I got introduced to these at my very first cooking class I attended. Simple brownies topped with chocolate ganache, but they tasted incredible. Turns out they were nothing more than a simple brownie mix and topping. So the short story here: Get your favorite brownie mix and bake them in the Demarle mini muffin tray from bon COOK. That’s it. Want some more details? Then feel free to keep reading. Otherwise, go bake and enjoy.

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Brownie bites with chocolate ganache

Silicone Baking Pan

Who would have thought that such a simple change could make such a difference? Certainly not me that’s for sure. The secret here is simple. Your cooking vessel makes all the difference in the world. A brownie bite is nothing more individual brownie. That’s it! It’s all in the baking.

Now I will admit I have never actually used the silicone baking pans available in the stores. I picked up a few, heard all kinds of horror stories and never bothered. Mind you this was about the same time I discovered Demarle pans from bon COOK. And keep in mind I’ve always been a home baker. The Demarle pans though blew me out of the water. The mini muffin tray happens to be one of my all time favorites and is now a staple for parties and events.

Demarle Mini Muffin Tray from bon COOK

This guy is a workhorse in our house. And brownie bites are on the top of the list. From plain ones to ones covered in ganache, to a personal favorite of ones stuffed with a mini peanut butter cup (these are totally to die for by the way). These are just too easy to make.

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One box of your favorite brownie mix (Pilsbury and Betty Crocker are fabulous) will fill one Demarle mini muffin tray from bon COOK. The mini muffin tray is the perfect bite. Or two bites for me, but that’s not the point here. Think about being twice the size of an American mini muffin. Bonus though you don’t have to buy any paper cupcake liners. You know those things that you never seem to have on hand when you need them. I haven’t bought liners in years.

demarle mini muffin tray

Brownie Bites in the Mini Muffin Tray

When you bake in the mini muffin tray (which is my favorite for these) you not only don’t need the liners, but you don’t need to spray either. You might get a little bit of a film left behind if you’re like me and bake this until just underdone so you get that fudgy center. Otherwise, an even with an undercooked brownie sometimes, you get this perfect shiny finish on them.

Easy brownie bites demarle mini muffin tray bon COOK

Brownie Bites in the mini muffin tray are by far my favorites. But, what’s really fun is that you can make them any shape you want just by using a different tray. So, for example, my second favorite is the mini tartlet tray. Now those truly are the perfect one bite. More on those later though.

Easy Ganache is the Perfect Topping

Ganache really does bring these simple brownies to a whole new level. If you want some more fun just add some fun sprinkles on top. Which PS also gives you an easy way to dress these up for any occasion. Check out the easy ganache recipe here to try your hand at it. Now if you want to try a white chocolate ganache (which still tastes great, but does have a different consistency) it’s a great base to then dip into coconut for a fun snowball effect. Essentially your options are only limited by your imagination.

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So while you’re busy licking the bowl come check out our growing community online.

Learn to cook at home easy brownie bites
Brownie Bites

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