25 ways to use your silpat

25 ways to use your silpat

Have you heard of the silpat® or the bonMAT? If you’ve heard of it chances are you know you can make cookies on it.  BUT, did you know that it’s good for so much more than just cookies? On the other hand, if you’re like I was, then you might not even know what I’m talking about.  That’s okay, I had no clue until I went to my first cooking class.  Then it was love at first sight and I was completely smitten. PS once you know it you’ll actually start seeing it on all the cooking shows which is pretty fun. “Hey I have that”

new bonMAT which is simply a private label version of our favorite Silpat.

Silicone Baking Mat Demonstration

Now, I won’t admit how many times I’ve done this for fear of embarrassment, but I’m sure I’m not alone. How many times have you watched a demo of a product and been blown away?  Then, when you bring it home you’re not able to duplicate what you saw.  No matter what you do? Well, when it came to this baking mat, the bonmat and silpat specifically, not only was I able to duplicate what I saw, but I was completely blown away by what it could do. Even on the first try.

Best Roasted Potatoes Ever

irst on the agenda was roasted potatoes (Check out the recipe here).  A personal favorite of mine to eat, but pretty close to the bottom when it comes to clean up.  It’s usually the pan that is sitting in the sink for a week because I don’t want to sit there scrubbing it. Never made anything too fancy, just the recipe on the back of the Lipton onion soup mix box.  Add a few tweaks and dammmmmmmmn were they over the top amazing.  I could not believe the difference.  I mean these potatoes were a favorite before, now with the mat they’re in a completely different ball game

So I mentioned that the baking mat was good for so much more than just cookies.  Not that it doesn’t make amazing cookies, but there’s a whole new world to explore.  So without further a due, here are 25 ideas for you to dust off that bonmat or silpat with:

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25 Uses for your Silpat or bonMAT

  1. Roll cut out cookies out
  2. French Fries
  3. Freeze premade meals
  4. Breaded chicken
  5. Eggplant pizza
  6. Fish fillets
  7. Quesadilla
  8. Cover for your molds
  9. Replace foil
  10. Pizza
  11. Nachos
  12. Cheese crisps
  13. Biscuits
  14. Roll cakes
  15. Roast veggies
  16. Cover to pound chicken out
  17. Rustic tarts
  18. Caramel popcorn
  19. Granola
  20. Shaped breads
  21. Pretzels
  22. Baked ravioli
  23. Cheese crackers
  24. Dessert tart
  25. Roast nuts

Now that we’ve gone though that list I hope you found a few fun ones you’re dying to try out. Ready to get going? Go pull that mat out if you already have one. Don’t have one, but now you need one? Head over here to get yours. Don’t forget a perforated sheet while you’re there. It really does make a difference. Now, as if that wasn’t enough, let’s go check out 25 MORE ideas for you to really put that mat to work. Head over to our Gardening foodies profile to see what else this mat can do.

PS, even with those ideas the tricks up this ponies sleeves still aren’t tapped out. Frankly I’m sure I’m missing some easy obvious ones, but because we all cook differently we have different ideas that will pop into our heads and stick. Go get cooking and let us know how it came out.

25 ways to use your silpat

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